The Consortium des Equipements pour le Calcul Intensif interconnects HPC clusters from the Wallonia-Brussels federation.

The CECI clusters are open to all members of the Wallonia-Brussels universities.

CECI description

The Consortium des Equipements pour le Calcul Inensif is a virtual organisation aiming at enabling and facilitating access to Tier-2 clusters deployed in the universities of the Wallonia-Brussels federation and the Tier-1 cluster hosted at Cenaero. The clusters are inter-connected between the universities and a distributed storage is accessible via a dedicated Belnet 10 Gbps network. Users from UCL, ULB, ULg, UNamur & UMons can create a CECI account and run jobs on the CECI clusters.
Check the CECI web site for all the details.


ULB users are therefore entitled - and warmly encouraged - to create a CECI account and use the available resources within CECI.
Detailed information on how to connect to CECI clusters are given on the CECI web site.

Tier-1 access

The Tier-1 cluster access is based on projects submission and evaluation. The Tier-1 cluster is used either for large parallel jobs (> 1000 cores) or for running a very large batch of small jobs (batches of > 1000 jobs). Please read the procedure for creating a Tier-1 project and feel free to contact us for help in preparing your Tier-1 project.


The services provided by the HPC team within the CECI context cover the Vega cluster management and CECI user support related to Vega usage.


The support service is definitively extended for CECI specific questions and for any CECI user requiring help to run jobs on Vega.

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We offer a large software panel on Vega via the module interface. If needed, we can arrange to have your code/program optimally compiled on the Vega cluster.

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Tier-1 access

If you require help or information to gain access and use the VSC Tier-1 cluster, just let us know. Having your code and jobs well prepared will avoid wasting the precious CPU time on the Tier-1 cluster.

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