The HPC Team

Until 2016, the HPC team was only a subset of the Computing Centre Operations team. With the transition to the Shared ICT Services Centre in 2017, the HPC team emerged as a separate and uniquely defined group of people. New members have been hired and today we are very proud to present a true and highly skilled HPC team!

Raphael Leplae

Team leader

Manages the activities, purchases and administrative tasks. Participates to systems management and jobs scheduler configuration

Career: Biologist, Bioinformatician, Operations manager, HPC team leader.

Balazs Hajgato


Works with Samuel and Michael for the user support. Manages software installations and organises the teaching. Also involved in the systems administration.

Career: Chemist, ..., HPC support.

Ward Poelmans

System Administrator

Works with Michael for the systems administration. Also involved in 2nd line support.

Career: Physicist, Industry liaison and support for VSC, HPC SysAdmin.

Samuel Moors


Recently joined the team (June 2017). Works with Balazs and Michael for the user support and provides teaching.

Career: Biochemist, Chemist, HPC Support.

Michael Waumans

System Administrator & Support

Recently joined the team (Septembre 2017). Works with Balazs and Samuel for the user support and with Ward for the systems administration.

Career: Informatician, Engineer, BigData spacialist, HPC SysAdmin & Support.