Scientific computing requires computing power and software. There are many programs available and we get many installation requests! Be aware that some programs are extremely hard to install or compile, mostly those developed by researchers... Sometimes the code is so old that it became incompatible with the latest libraries or even with the compilers. Sometimes, there are more than 30 dependencies making the installation really painful. Therefore, be patient to get your software available but be sure that the installation will be cleaner and the binaries more efficient than what you could get if you install/compile the software yourself.


Installed software is accessible to all users, except commercial ones with private licenses. The only way to access them is via the modules utility. Make sure you read the documentation about modules before contacting us!


If you require an additional software, contact us with all the required information such as the URL where we can download the code, eventual dependencies or additional resources (data files for instance). We impose some limitations:

  • The software must be freely available.
  • New releases can be installed after 6 months.
  • The software will be provided as is.

Commercial software

Commercial software is available such as Gaussian, Matlab or Mathematica. We don't offer (no budget for that) additional commercial software by default. If there is a sufficiently large community of users, a formal request can be made at SoftWeb. If you own a license and want to use your application on the HPC clusters, then contact us and we'll see how it can be installed. Be aware that some licenses are not easily moved/ported to a new infrastructure.

Personal code

Some research groups or researchers develop their own code. As of today, the code must be deployed and compiled by the user on the HPC cluster. However, setting up a SVN or GIT repository is in our pipeline to facilitate your work. To benefit from our experience with compilations, please contact us too to have you programs available as module and to run them efficiently on all the compute nodes.

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