Research has naturally moved into the BigData as experiments robotisation and automation has widespread in all research fields, producing massive amount of data. All the omics in life science took by storm HPC environments, satellite images and weather probes fill up disks and researchers want to use all those data for modelling, predictions or clinical diagnosis. Yet, HPC infrastructure were initially not designed for BigData. At SISC, the HPC team has decided to step in the BigData train but wisely. BigData is still a hype: hardware vendors were quick to tag their products as such, software vendors and developers too... There is a lot of heterogeneity in this field and we need to propose a platform capable to answer researcher needs.
We are currently testing and evaluating components that can be generic enough to answer the heterogenous needs and work together sufficiently well to build a platform that can be called BigData.
More will be communicated and posted here once the BigData platform is operational. Stay tuned!